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Robert McCann dubbed Robbery for his extensive amount of Bank robberies as a youth, is a Irish-American currently residing on the Rook Islands.


Robert grew up in the ghetto of Dorchester, Boston Massachusetts. His mother died when he was 3 and his father beat him. As a result he dropped out of school and ran away from home at the age of 13. for the next 3 year he was homeless always on the run until at 16 he committed his first robbery to survive. He soon found he had an act and started a regular routine of robbing banks all around Boston. At 18 when his reputation was growing a old friend and Irish mob associate approached him and told him the mob was interested in his talents. He saw this as better pay and proved himself quickly to the mod by robbing a federal bank vault that contained 100,000 in illegal food stamps. Throughout most of his 20's he rose up in the mob up to 2000 at the age of 26. By then he had his own crew who specialized in all types of robberies. From banks to trains. However when the Boss of the mob stole 1 million from the mob and pinned it on Robert, he was forced to leave Boston in sake of death, not before assassination the mob leader however. He took as much money as he could, about 10,000, bought a plane ticket out of the US.

He spent the next 8 years as a independent Mercenary doing jobs in Africa and southern Europe. He took contracts from political assassinations to guarding weapon dumps, even illegal arms and drug trafficking. By 2008 though he made his way to the heart of Africa looking to make a profit from a war being fought by the Alliance for popular Resistance, and the United Front for Liberation and Labour. Upon spending three years in the war torn country and making a large profit, around 250,000 US currency and 50 pounds of diamonds, he packed his gear and decided to go on a vacation and by vacation. His meaning of Vacation was going to a different type of terrain and look for jobs there. The destination ended up as being the south Pacific more specifically the Rook Islands.

Far Cry 3Edit

By 2012 Robert had been doing some small wet work for the local tribals and pirates on the rook islands. He slowed down his mercenary career a small bit and focused on retirement. However while he was taking out his trash in his home in the hills, Jason Brody came barging through mistaking him for a pirate. Caught off guard, Robby was shot 10 times in the lower back. He was left on the ground for 12 hours until a tribal found his body.