Harald 'Elvis' Presley
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 28
Status Presumed Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6ft 1'
Weight Unknown

Harald Presley, better known as 'Elvis' due to his cliched last name was a castaway from the Attenglia Galais cruise ship that landed on Ourvan in the late 1990s. He became a member of the Aku, a native tribe to Ourvan upon his arrival but left after finding there methods of dealing with the animals too humane. He then started the Almorti Hunters Group, also known as the AHG. They set up base on Martyr, a small island near to Ourvan where they now run a successful animal trafficking business that exports animals from Ourvan all around the world. He has a wife, Lily, who is currently serving a 5 year sentence for man slaughter in a South African prison. He also has a son, Aleks who is heir to the business and the exports manager.