FarCry Phasa Lao Edit

Farcry Phasa Lao (Laos) is an open-world first-person shooter that was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft taking place in the southernmost part of Laos. It was released internationally on the 11thof December 2013 as a release title for both the new Xbox and Playstation, and was also released on PC. A lesser variant of the game was also released on the Playstation Vita, Mac and ios called Farcry Guerrilla. Farcry Phasa Lao is not part of the numbered series and has no current connection to the other three Farcry games

You play the role of one of the ten characters available to choose from at the starting menu that for the first time features a few female protagonists. Your goal is to destroy a secret organization pulling the political strings in Laos that tore the nation into three and descended it into civil war.

Just like its predecessor Farcry 3, Farcry Phasa Lao features a multiplayer map maker and cooperative campaign featuring 2-4 players spit screen and 2-10 online

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After choosing your Character you start off in the cargo hold of a plane being briefed of the situation in Laos by a fellow agent. (Depending on what player you choose that agent will be different) You then jump out of the plane and activate your chute and realise that you under chute your mark and end up in the middle of a firelight between the three factions that are fighting for Laos in the middle of the jungle. (This serves as a tutorial for the games gun mechanics)